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Let our membership management software shine the spotlight on your members with innovative features.

Membershine lets you focus on fun – and dive into the details – by organizing and sharing information with the right people in your clubs or groups.

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MemberShine Spotlight:

MemberShine Spotlight:

  • Manage your events, payments, contact lists, and email from any mobile or desktop device.
  • Put your full attention on your membership knowing data is secure and easy to access.
  • Enjoy the cost-saving, green solution of paper-free options for key board members, support roles, and perspective members.

Spend time doing what matters, not on tedious organizing of data, forms, requests, and updates. MemberShine is designed to give you maximum flexibility with customized solutions for your group, club, association, charity, or organization.

Dynamic Software, Fresh Design

Imagine a membership software platform that adapts to your specifications.  Connect your members, secure your data, and simplify your administrative tasks, all within a few clicks.

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Dynamic Software, Fresh Design

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Entice new members with software that meets their needs, while exceeding expectations. Engage current members with our next level platform, that allows them to now interact with events in real-time. The interactions are limitless; sure to brighten your member's experience.

A Proven Track Record

Michelle Jones

We used to spend all week dreading the weekend. Teams playing across the state, changing locations at the last minute, trying to send out group texts to update parents, calling coaches in between games, and constantly updating rosters - it was a nightmare.

Membershine was absolutely a game changer. Everyone knew exactly where to go for information and updates, and we were able to build calendars and events specific to each team's players and parents. If we ever had a last minute change or a new team member that needed access, it was as simple as the click of a button.

Michelle Jones, Nashville, TN
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