10 Art Club Fundraising Ideas

10 Art Club Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is not the easiest to organize for any club or individual, and you need to get creative so that you can raise the money you need. You can use the following ways to drum up funds for your art club. Manage y0ur clubs with our membership management software today.

art show

Art Shows

It would help if you appealed to the art lovers in the area, and the most effective way to do this is by using an art show. Have an exhibition and display the best artwork from your club so that you can attract more people to the fundraiser. Make sure that you acknowledge your volunteers with the proper volunteer thank you letters.


You can organize an auction so that you can raise funds for your art club. Choose the best artwork you have from your members and auction them off so that you can raise funds.


Sell Lessons

Many people want to have art lessons, and sometimes they may not afford the best. If you know of people who wish to learn art lessons, you can sell them the lesson reasonably to raise funds. Involve your teachers and make sure that you make an offer that many people will not refuse.


Art Competitions

Organize an art competition and get sponsors for the event so that you can raise funds. Make sure that there is an excellent price for the winner so that you can attract more competitors. You can also talk to businesses in your area to pay for adverts of your show in the TV and radio stations.

Sell Art and Wears

Print T-shirts, armbands, and any other popular item you might think of and sell them in market places, homes, shows, and other places. You can print out a famous art piece on the t-shirt and put messages that will appeal to your buyers.


Face Painting

You can charge for face paintings in the malls, parties, and many other events so that you can make money for your club easily. Children will like your paint if they can get their favorite heroes or cartoons on their faces.

Family Fun Days

Organize a good family fun day so that people can have fun with their families and make money while at it. Make it fun by ensuring that you have fun activities for the parents and the children.


Paint Old Furniture

Offer to repaint and upgrade old furniture and other items for the people in your neighborhood. Many people have a garage or attic full of stuff that they do not have use for anymore, and an upgrade can make them attractive and useful again.

Charge for Portraits

For many people getting a portrait of themselves is too expensive and remains a dream. You can get your art student to make a simple portrait of people to buy them at a lower price.

community event

Organize Events

From community service to luncheons and dinners, there is always something that the community would like to participate in. sell tables and make sure that you make it fun and classy for the participants.