10 Fraternity Fundraiser Ideas

10 Fraternity Fundraiser Ideas

A fraternity may need money for a lot of issues, primarily for some sort of social action for the community. You need to find creative and fun fraternity fundraiser ideas to raise money to get the funds you need for anything concerning the fraternity. The following are ten ways your fraternity can raise funds.

fraternity fundraiser ideas

Sports Tournaments

Organize a sports tournament and get teams from different campuses or communities to participate in them. It can be football, volleyball, hockey, or even bowling. Any sport can help you drum up funds for your fraternity. You can talk to local businesses and get some to sponsor the event and donate a prize for the winning team. Choose a popular sport in your area so that you can get a huge attendance from the site.

Sell T-shirts

Custom made t-shirts and sell them around campus and outside the campus too. You need to ensure that you create unique shirts to have an interest in buying one or more. Apart from t-shirts, you can also sell hoodies because they are common, and many of your peers will buy them.

Dance Competitions

A dance competition is not easy to organize, but it might be fruitful in getting funds for your fraternity. Make posters and announce the competition and make sure you schedule a great event. Talk to your local businesses and get donors and sponsors for the event.


This is an easy and fun way to raise funds for a fraternity. It has been used by many organizations before. It is successful because many people enjoy a great day of washing cars, and most of your fellow students will have their cars washed in your event for a small fee.


Organize an event where you can auction different items. Get people to donate stuff for the auction, and you can also add some fun by auctioning dates on the day.

Eating Contest

This is a fun and exciting way to make money for your fraternity. It will even be more successful if you get local restaurants involved to get a sponsor while getting free publicity.

Sell Services

You can offer to do simple chores for other students and people from the locale. It can be delivery, laundry, gardening, and many more. Advertise well for the service you are offering and get everyone in the fraternity involved.

Talent Shows

Organize a talent show for the campus and allow everyone to audition for it. You can involve local celebrities and businesses and get a grand prize for the winners.

Pet Grooming

Many people like to pay for a day of spa treatment and grooming for their pets. You can set a day of pet grooming for the local area people and make some money.

Throw a Party

People like to party, and when you organize a great party, you will have a full house. Make sure that you make it fun and use an excellent venue to attract more people. It can be a pizza party, so long as you make it fun, you will have an easy time making money.

Have Another Organization that Needs a Fundraiser

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