10 Easy Youth Hockey Fundraising Ideas

10 Easy Youth Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Hockey is an expensive sport, and there are so many things that you may need, like equipment, and many more. A hockey fundraiser will help you to get the money you need for anything your club might be lacking. You can go with one or some of the following hockey fundraising ideas you can use to bring in some major donations with your next event. Make collecting donations that much easier when you create a donation website created membership website builder

10 Youth Hockey Fundraising Ideas


Organize a barbecue for the community and make it fun so that you can have a big attendance. You will be able to make money through sales and any activity you plan to do on the barbecue day.

Raffle Tickets

Make raffle tickets and make sure that the price is worth buying more people, hoping to win. You can make an event and announce the winner of the raffle ticket to get the award.

Car Wash

Announce that you are having a day or weekend to wash the cars for the people in the area. It is a fun activity that the youth can participate in while making money for the team. Ensure that you make it fun and involve all the members and players to wash more cars.

Game Nights

This is a night that the youth can compete in while playing games to have fun and raise funds. Make it enjoyable by including games that people love and involve the community in organization and participation as much as you can.

Sell Bracelets and T-shirts

Make T-shirts and bracelets that have the name or the logo of the team so that you can sell them at a profit. Many people like to feel like they are a part of the youth community, and buying a T-shirt is an excellent way for them to support you.

Sell Tickets

Organize an event to play with other teams from your area or outside so that you can sell tickets to the game. Many people will buy the tickets so that they can support one of their own.

Fun Days

 A fun day is an excellent way to involve your families and friends in your cause. You can have events, games, and many others so that you can raise money. Make booths so that the attendees can participate in different events and games to win a prize.  


When you have tournaments, you can quickly get money for your team. You can sell anything from the raffle tickets, food-shirts, and many more during the tournament to make money.

Crowdfunding Websites

This is a way to use the internet to make money. You can create a page or a donation website and talk about your team and why you need the funds, you will get people from the internet that supports you so that they can donate money for your team.

Bake Sales

It is easy to organize a bake sale in any area because many people respond to a good bake sale. Have the youths or the hockey parents make baked goods that you can sell.