3 Features of the Best Websites for Organizations

3 Features of the Best Websites for Organizations

How do you make an organization run smoothly? One of the biggest assists you can give yourself is a well-designed, easy-to-use website that packs a world of support for your goals and objectives into one online property. To get the fullest benefit out of your website, you need to find a website software provider that offers you an optimal set of capabilities. As you search for the right provider for your organization, look for these essential features.

Event management

Many organizations thrive on events, including members-only and publicly accessible happenings. The task of organizing these events can become overwhelming, especially if you rely on old-fashioned methods of communication. If you have to look up email addresses, spend a boatload of time texting people, post sign-up sheets or send them in the mail, and tackle all aspects of event management through what quickly begin to feel like haphazard methods, the entire process becomes an ordeal. When the process of creating and planning an event becomes too complicated, it turns into the kind of chore that makes enthusiasm begin to wane.

You don’t want to make decisions about how your organization conducts itself simply based on avoiding hassles. Instead of letting communication methods turn the process into one that you’d rather avoid, find a better way to communicate—and essentially automate your event-management process through a feature-rich website.

The right websites for organizations make these types of tasks really easy—and simple. In a few clicks, you can define an event, establish a wide range of optional features for it (tickets and ticket prices, age restrictions, multi-day schedules, etc.), and enable your membership to sign up directly through your website. Better still, the right websites for organizations also enable you to accept secure online payments—without the huge hassle of researching payment processors and trying to implement their potentially expensive features.

That’s where we come in. At Membershine, we have years of experience in dealing with the needs of membership organizations. We know the kinds of website features that can make or break the online experience for groups like your, and we’ve made sure to include them in the site software we build. Event management is essential, and our full-featured implementation of it is a standard part of what we offer you.

Secure member communication

How do you communicate with your membership? E-mail? Texting? Phone calls? Social media? All of these methods make it very difficult to track and trace all your communications in one place, and to secure your interactions with your membership so no one’s privacy takes a hit.

Rather than piece together a patchwork of communication methods, why not set up a website for your organization that includes texting, private chat, newsfeeds, and more, all directly within a secure online property?

At Membershine, we prioritize communication as one of the most-essential features of the website software we build for the organizations and groups we serve. Text members directly through your website—and make text messaging an opt-in feature, so members retain control of their individual preferences. Give your members a built-in private chat feature they can use to converse among themselves without having to resort to social media. Provide a conveniently accessible online newsfeed that conveys all the most-important new business of your organization in one place, and make that newsfeed either private—as a members-only feature—or publicly accessible to convey information about your group to a broader audience.

Online invoicing and payments

Let’s face it: No one wants to deal with dues, invoicing, and payments. It’s the definition of drowning in paperwork – unless you take advantage of modern technology to make the process simpler, more convenient, and secure.

Chances are that your entire membership is more than familiar—and comfortable—with the idea of paying for goods and services online. It’s the essence of 21st-century living. But when you attempt to integrate online payments into a website, you quickly discover the process isn’t as simple as you might’ve hoped.

The central issue is finding the right entity through which to conduct secure online payments. Payment processors can charge a hefty fee for their services, which also may be difficult to integrate into a website you set up yourself. Between the implementation hassles and the shock of “How much do you want for that feature?”, many groups simply say, “Oh, the heck with it.”

But online payments are too convenient and too essential to helping your organization function efficiently to give up on. Find the right website for your organization, and it should include these features among its standard offerings.

Choose Membershine for your organization’s website, and we include secure online payments as a standard feature. No need to labor through the process of setting up these capabilities yourself, or to worry about security for the personally identifiable information involved in every transaction. Our online payment service is as easy to use as it is secure.

Easy website builder

What’s one of the very first things you do when you set up a website? You design its contents and set up its pages—and that’s when you find out whether you’ve chosen a website for organizations provider whose software is easy to use. If it’s not, you may find yourself glued to a computer screen for hours, simply trying to create a single page.

Why put yourself through the hassles of dealing with conventional site-creation tools when you can create an attractive, distinctive, custom website with professionally designed page templates that are easy to implement?

With a Membershine website, you’re all set. That’s because our site creation tools offer you the powerful convenience of a fully featured but easy-to-use site builder. No cryptic commands, indecipherable settings, questionable plug-ins, and complicated menu choices. No page previews that look nothing like what you had in mind. Just cleanly designed content that included the information you want to present—and that you can design quickly and efficiently.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. At Membershine, we offer you another huge advantage that you won’t find much of anywhere else: a 30-day free trial for which you can sign up with absolutely no credit card information. Create your site, customize it, show it off to your membership, see how its amazing feature set makes your life ever so much easier—and enriches your organization’s ability to deliver unique experiences to its members.

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

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