5 Essential Ways to Keep Your Membership Engaged

5 Essential Ways to Keep Your Membership Engaged

Shared interests bring organization members together. An effective group helps keep its membership engaged—and an engaged membership is a sustained membership. To facilitate your group’s efficiency and highlight all the wonderful benefits you offer, set up a website that clearly presents your advantages and makes routine business easy to accomplish. While you’re at it, incorporate these five essential features to ensure that your members stay involved in organization affairs.

Private conversations build member relationships

Members love to discuss and even thoroughly debate every aspect of the interests they share, but they probably prefer to conduct these conversations in a private forum, where they can express themselves fully without exposing their exchanges to outsiders. If you rely on social media for these aspects of group functionality, you sacrifice privacy for a certain form of convenience, and the interjections of outsiders may introduce controversies that reflect ignorance rather than engagement.

Unless you set up a website for your organization, you can’t really offer your members any form of private, protected venue through which to carry on conversations, whether those conversations cover group interests or deal with the business of being an organization. To set up a website for your organization, you need the advanced skills of a webmaster, the money to invest in site development, or the time to learn to program your own online venue.

Until now. If you choose Membershine as your organizational website software provider, your site automatically includes private chat and newsfeed discussions. When you scroll through our feature set, you’re going to think we read your minds and built our platform just for you.

Voting and polls ensure that you know what your members want

From just-for-fun polls based on inside jokes that reflect your group’s sense of humor to serious questions that help determine future plans, you need to collect votes to determine what your membership thinks and which way it wants to proceed on essential matters. If you’ve ever tried to conduct a group poll through e-mail, you know the frustration of tallying votes and preparing to announce the outcome, only to discover that five or six members want to weigh in at the last minute. It’s also not a lot of fun to attempt to create a graphical representation of poll outcomes in a spreadsheet program and then find a way to distribute those results.

But what if you could conduct all these inquiries through an organizational website with built-in polling capabilities? That would be easy enough—if you could build a website that could keep up with your ambitions. By the time you choose a content management system, add a theme, and go looking for plug-ins to create additional functionality, you’re either out of patience or realize that you’ll have to spend more time on the website project than you care to devote to it.

Until now. With a Membershine website, you not only can conduct polls online—and determine whether to make them public—but your results automatically can display in graphed form directly on your results page. As a website administrator, you can download voting data and use them in other documents, all without having to evaluate additional software or puzzle your way through complex procedures.

Unlimited web pages give you the space to communicate your message

Some groups set up a home page on a social media site so they can keep up with their membership and reach a wider audience. Unfortunately, social media sites keep rigid control of what you can post, how you can post it, and so on. Rather than conform to someone else’s vision of how your association should communicate with the world, you’d rather have your own online property with unlimited space to express an unlimited number of points. But doing that entirely by yourself can be an extremely complex process.

Until now. Set up a Membershine website for your group, and you can add as many pages as you need, with no additional charge for the space your content occupies or how often you add material. Create as many photo galleries as you’d like—public or private—and add as many images as you want. Build submenus to organize your content in the ways that make the best sense for your group. Create a document repository that includes all the essential files that represent organizational business, and organize these materials in folders that you create and name yourself. We want your website to be just that: Your website, uniquely set up to include all your ideas, content, sponsors and more.

Responsive website designs showcase your material

The days when people viewed websites only on desktop or laptop computers, and not on any other type of device, are long past. Today’s visitor to your site is much more likely to view it on a phone or tablet than on a computer. As a result, one of the hottest words in website design these days is “responsiveness,” which simply designates that a website can reflow to look good regardless of the screen size—small or large—on which it’s viewed.

Some association website software providers rely on old code that can’t adapt instantaneously and spontaneously to the viewer’s device. Instead, your pages either come up with small type or wide paragraphs, and no amount of zooming makes these pages readable without a lot of tedious horizontal scrolling. Depending on where you source your website, you may be in for a bumpy ride if members try to view your online content on anything other than a large display.

Until now. Membershine websites are built with modern responsive code. No need to worry about how your site will look on this phone or that tablet. Every visitor sees a representation that’s sized to match their view.

User dashboards give individual members at-a-glance updates

What’s the best way to keep your members engaged in your group? Keep them up-to-date and ensure that they know exactly what’s going on at all times. A great website makes that task really easy to accomplish, but many sites leave members with more questions than answers.

Until now. Choose Membershine’s association website software platform for your group, and your site automatically includes a member dashboard that organizes information by category and presents it in an easy-to-use format, with action buttons and links that connect directly to essential processes and content. Behind the scenes, a matching administrative dashboard lays out all the business of your group at a glance, from who’s paid what to what everyone’s discussing.

Along with all these advantages, a Membershine website comes with one big plus from the get-go: a 30-day free trial during which to test out all our features, see how your members like your site, and set up your online property—all without entering any credit card data or making an upfront commitment.

Ready to keep your members engaged with a website that reflects your group’s focus and personality while it makes administration as easy as engagement? Start your free Membershine trial today.

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

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