7 Ways to Enhance Your Sports Club With Member Management Website Software

7 Ways to Enhance Your Sports Club With Member Management Website Software

Whether your sports club belongs to an organized league with teams across a city or region, competes extramurally with other schools, or just gets together for some friendly scrimmaging with fellow pickup teams, someone needs to manage the schedules, news, sponsors, documentation, and more that keeps every club moving. If you’re the administrator for your squad, you’re probably tired of the mere thought of paperwork and manual record keeping. Why not save time and trouble—and increase the efficiency of your efforts—with a website that helps you build camaraderie at the same time that it keeps your efforts organized? The right member management software can make the difference between a club that’s going places and one that’s striking out at the plate.

Timely communication, updates, and notifications

From timing changes to workout plans, sports clubs rely on scheduling and updates to keep everyone in sync, but phone trees and other makeshift notification solutions aren’t the easiest way to make certain that everyone stays up to date. The right member management software for your sports club enables you to text and send e-mail messages directly through your website, with opt-in permission rules for privacy protection. Look for a package that gives you the ability to classify and label your member roster so you can search for and message specific subgroups quickly.

Newsfeed keeps everyone in the know

In addition to quick bulletins and notifications, your sports club needs to celebrate wins and plan for tryouts, practice, and upcoming opponents. Member management software that includes a newsfeed feature can help you publicize essential timelines, discuss strategies, and call out individual performers for their recent efforts. You’ll want to be able to pin important posts so they stay uppermost on the list. Ideally, your sports club software should give you the choice of whether to allow your members to post their own thoughts and comment on other people’s posts.

Direct ticket and merchandise sales

If you sell tickets for your games or meets, think how much easier that task will be with a website that enables you to put those transactions—and payments—online, so you can estimate attendance with advance registration. At the same time, look for features you can use to sell t-shirts and other branded merchandise that will appeal to your fan base. A member management website software package that includes secure online transactions makes the payments as easy to manage as the events themselves, and saves you from the hassle of trying to find the right payment processor for a website you build from scratch yourself.

Manage sponsors who back your club

Sponsors make it possible to increase the visibility and competitiveness of your team, and you work hard to bring local businesses on board as backers of your sports club. Once you succeed in your sponsorship efforts, you want to publicize the involvement of these companies to maximize the mutual value of their participation. The right website software enables you to post their logos, link to their websites, and celebrate their overall support.

Process forms and documents for signups and permissions

From organizations for children to groups that target adult participants, sports clubs share a need for documentation. Whether you’re juggling permission slips and pre-season physicals or signing up drivers, you need a quick way to collect, review, verify, and validate a long list of criteria. When that paperwork actually is limited to paper forms, you’re left with a file drawer full of headaches. Look for member management software that enables you to digitize your documentation, save time, and increase the accuracy of your records. Now you can keep all your forms and records online in one secure location that’s easy for members to access and for you to keep up to date.

Private or public? You decide

How much information do you want to share publicly on your sports club website, and when do you want to post material that’s meant only for your membership to see? If your website software package doesn’t make it possible for you to designate specific pages and content as private, you can’t make those decisions. The best options give you control over the reach and access of every page and feature, so you can limit who accesses what.

Share a season-by-season visual record

What do you do with all those game-day photos that come in from the friends and families of your sports club members? Why not share them in an online showcase that organizes them by event or any other criteria you select? The right website software includes photo galleries that collect and identify the visual record of your team, with captions and clickable thumbnail images that pop up full-sized photos.

Put it all together with a Membershine website package

You don’t have to look far to find the right member management website software for your sports club. At Membershine, our team helps your squad get ahead and stay ahead, with powerful features that are as easy to use as they are efficient. We’ve compiled the must-have capabilities you want into a package that’s designed for straightforward productivity.

Sign up for a completely free 14-day trial, and experience the Membershine difference for yourself. You’ll see how we anticipate your needs with user friendliness and convenience, and how we make it easy to turn time-consuming tasks into no brainers. Once you build your site with us and find out how it can put you ahead of your administrative challenges, we think you’ll choose Membershine as your winning advantage.

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

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