Whether you need a website for your club, group, church, non-profit, association or organization, Membershine’s easy-to-use platform will help keep your members organized and on task.

Our cutting-edge software is API-driven. So, when other website providers tell you they can’t integrate with a third-party accounting software or don’t have the ability to run their platform on your WordPress website, you should question whether these software foundation limitations are the right long-term solutions for your organization.  You need a modern platform that is fluid and can adapt to your association’s ever-changing future demands.


We like to think we’re experts in all things related to member managed websites. Our management team has over 40 years of combined industry experience. We’ve been developing membership management software for nearly two decades.

Our team created Membershine as a modern and affordable alternative to compete with the overpriced member management providers who focus solely on larger organizations with no less than a thousand members. Our focus is to provide a solution that works for your organization regardless of size, big or small.

The other driving force for us was to be the preferred option over the competitors who have limited staff or are on expiring, dated-legacy code. We could no longer justify that the products we were once involved with would be around for years to come. Our responsibility and focus are to the client.


Like few others in this industry, we offer a one-stop shop member managed platform. We are always looking at future trends and open to adding new features that might set us apart from the competition and most importantly benefit our clients. As voice recognition skills through services like Alexa, Siri and Google Home continue to develop and gain in popularity, Membershine will be constantly evaluating this technology to see how our software can transform our user’s experience.

Are there specific features that your organization needs to run efficiently? Membershine has the flexibility and knowhow to customize your management software. We push ourselves to give our clients the best online membership management experience available. Our member dashboard is like no other on the market. Its sophisticated and user-friendly interface clearly displays user information so members can stay organized and on task. We know users will love their online experience and that’s why we offer a free one-month trial.

Join us as a valued partner and experience firsthand how our membership management software can help your organization grow. At Membershine, we are ready to help you get started on the road to success.