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Beverly Johnson

Members didn't like our online software as it equated to using a large sign in excel sheet. This meant always having someone at the phone to take reservations and many residents ignoring the scheduling piece all together.

Moving to Membershine was an absolute blessing. Not only has the Amenity Center shifted to online, but residents can now see the openings, previous reservations, and any notes we leave them. Since making the move we haven't had to deal once with issues of double booking or needing to locate and verify deposits.

Beverly Johnson, Birmingham AL
Yvonne Contreras

We were charged with starting and opening a satellite campus across town for our church and it was intimidating being in a new leadership position. We still had our inherited system for previous members, we were attempting to push new members through a new online process, and everything bogged down when information became jumbled.

It was nice that Membershine was able to easily bring all members under one umbrella, but what was really great was how easy the different processes were. Now today I'm able to whip up a study group at a moment's notice, or make sure that we're able to follow up on new member questions that same day.

Yvonne Contreras, Austin, TX
Mark McBride

While it wasn't our intent, Membershine really helped us with staffing. In the beginning, we just thought it would be nice to have something more modern than pen and paper to sign in. What we didn't realize is how nice it would be to see what students needed help with and when, so that we could deploy the proper tutors at those times.

The results were much less wait times for students and tutors that were only in office when they were needed. We're starting to upload various coursework to the site accessible by students of specific classes and we are very excited to see how far we can go. When even the students are on board, you know you're on the right track.

Mark McBride, Seattle, WA
Jonathan Boyd

When I started, we had information online as to what the shelter needed and location of where to drop off goods. We quickly grew to taking online donations, then we maintained calendars for hosted events, had packets for volunteers, and eventually even tried selling tickets for quarterly fundraisers.

Every time we grew, it was a new software that was needed. It got to the point where we were paying for things that I wasn't even sure anyone on our staff used. With Membershine, not only do we use one product for everything, but we're actually saving money by doing so as well.

Jonathan Boyd, Syracuse, NY
Michelle Jones

We used to spend all week dreading the weekend. Teams playing across the state, changing locations at the last minute, trying to send out group texts to update parents, calling coaches in between games, and constantly updating rosters - it was a nightmare.

Membershine was absolutely a game changer. Everyone knew exactly where to go for information and updates, and we were able to build calendars and events specific to each team's players and parents. If we ever had a last minute change or a new team member that needed access, it was as simple as the click of a button.

Michelle Jones, Nashville, TN
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