Customer Journey With Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones was in charge of operations for Tennessee Baseball Academy (TBA), a travel baseball organization that supported various U18 teams as well as hosted events and rentals at their facility.  She oversaw the administrators who handled client accounts and travel logistics, as well as managing vendors and facility rentals.

Michelle had watched TBA jump from one software solution to the next over a couple of years, and wanted to find a solution that would meet their needs now and in the future.

The Search for a Comprehensive Solution

Michelle joined TBA soon after launch and helped set up their initial processes. In the beginning, they handled all scheduling through excel and payments through a free accounting software. As they grew, they paid for various software to meet their needs, to the point that when they came across Membershine they had different systems and costs for scheduling, mass communication, accounting, social media.

Tennessee Baseball Academy was looking to make another change, but had grown tired of recreating all of their data and information and learning new systems. They were looking to make the jump and consolidate all their software and features into one comprehensive program.

The Search for a Comprehensive Solution

What led to looking for a new website and software?

We never really looked for a solution that could meet all our needs. It was always very reactionary, we needed to host events so we looked for a hosting type software. We needed better mass email communications, so we looked for a mass email software. Eventually we were using various logins and systems, and every time we wanted to move a new direction we just added on a new piece.

When looking for an all in one solution, it was a bit of learning as to what was available. There were some softwares that were obviously pieced together similar to what we were coming from. Others were built specifically for a sports complex, and looked amazing, but cost almost seven to eight times what we could afford. From our first demo, it felt like a stroke of luck when we came across Membershine, as it really did match our needs for a price that was well within our means.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It
From our first demo, it felt like a stroke of luck when we came across Membershine, as it really did match our needs for a price that was well within our means."
Michelle Jones, Tennessee Baseball Academy

Compared to previous solutions, what value has Membershine delivered?

Value for us was pretty great. The whole decision to move to one platform was pretty scary as we hadn’t done it before, and choosing wrong would mean a lot of wasted time setting up new procedures only to change again. We did a couple demos with various products, but Membershine was the only one who walked us through the product and gave free access to the software. That was pretty fantastic, and I personally was able to learn a lot about the software before signing off on it.



From there it was smooth sailing. The software was user friendly enough that neither of our admin teams needed any training, and I personally never reached out to support and didn’t have them respond within the same day, if not hour. The most popular pieces for our teams were obviously the calendar, but then also the Newsfeed. With so many social media groups and text groups and teams, it was great to give them one source for sharing and updates. We also had a ton of positive feedback on instant messaging. We have great, involved team moms and dads, but it’s hard to always have everyone’s contact information on hand. Being able to quickly post about a last minute field change, or have parents be able to send a group message knowing that others would see and respond was huge.

For me, the biggest value is being able to focus on my job knowing that my administrators are happy with the software, and my teams’ and parents’ needs are met. We’ve received regular compliments from clients after the change, and now I couldn’t imagine having done this with anyone but Membershine.