How does a membership management website help our group or club?

A website can be a powerful tool for club and group owners, administrators, and members. A membership management website can increase communication, reduce expenses, automate processes, secure information, and centralize your club’s data.

Do I need a technical background to build my group’s site with Membershine?

From the simple website setup checklist you’ll receive, to the hands on approach of our support team, we make it easy for you to build exactly what you want.

If our group has a website today, do we have to start over with you?

Our user interface makes it easy to take the information you have today, built into an amazing website tomorrow! Whether it’s importing your users, or storing your documents, we have the tools in place to make the switch!

What is most important when choosing who to build our site with?

You want to ensure that the company’s website and software can deliver everything your group needs! We often suggest having a “website wish list” and confirming that the company can deliver the powerful and customized services you need.

Having been in the membership management industry for close to two decades, we’ve seen it all! Membershine provides up front pricing and detailed product information, as well as various plans to better meet your specific group needs. Let us know your “website wish list”, and we’ll share with you how we can make those wishes a reality!


Are we responsible for managing our website?

You are only responsible for your content and duties as an administrator. We can take care of everything else, from maintenance and updates, to designs and domain registration.

Do your websites follow current regulations?

All our sites follow the most recent guidelines, from GDPR Data Protection regulations to being ADA compliant.

If I’m having trouble implementing a feature or change, how do I get help?

Whether working one on one with your project leader, using our in-depth help guides and knowledge base, or reaching out to our dedicated support team (who’s response time is unrivaled!), we are always ready to assist!

Our association uses a professional management service. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! We love working with management teams, and have built our websites and software to integrate with industry leading companies.

What If I don’t see something specific that our residents want to have on their website?

Please let us know! Our software and websites have been tailored through years of working with groups just like yours. All clients have the ability to submit requests and suggestions, we’d love to hear yours.


Membershine is the club, association, and group management software expert that works hard to provide a great product to keep its members organized and on schedule.