Vital to every organization, Membershine supports communication throughout your website.

Ensure that your administrators and boards are on the same page with informal instant messages, allow members to share with each other on their newsfeeds, and contact your members immediately with email and text alerts.



  • Reach individual or groups of members directly through email, text, or instant messaging!
  • Utilize member’s Newsfeeds to post important messages and announcements, or post directly to their personal dashboard.
  • Provide Board Members and Committee Leaders the ability to send out communications regarding their news and updates.
  • Tag and search allows administrators to group like members and reach out effectively.  Quickly send a message to update specific teams or update everyone attending a similar event.
Organization Members

Organization Members

  • See what’s happening around your organization on Newsfeed!  See trending topics, share your take, and pin important posts.
  • Chat with other members.  Instant messaging allows members to interact informally, where they can feel comfortable asking questions or creating internal groups without posting publicly.
  • Share right from your device.  From documents to club house damage, send attachments or take photos to send immediately to other users.
  • Communication is important, as groups struggle to have one source of information for calendars, texts, emails, documents, and updates.
  • Administrators and Users have complete control over their information and privacy.  From limiting public contact information to creating both private and public groups, let your members choose their level of privacy.
  • With various levels of access and administration rights, your organization is able to build a site that is custom to their organizational setup.  Much more than simple password protection of documents or photos, Membershine allows you to create a unique role for every member!
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