How Do I Add a Subscription to My Website

How can I add a subscription to my website? A subscription model website will produce a good income for your company in the end. Many companies that use this business strategy already apply to consumer products, dating, employment, and travel. The future of the subscription website is bright. Here are steps to help you add the subscription option to your membership website.

subscription plugin

Choose a Membership Plugin

You will need to activate a membership plugin to add a subscription to your website. You can choose from a range of paid and free plugins. However, it would be best to determine which subscription website you want to set up and what functionality you want to offer your users to pick the correct plugin.

Choose a membership plugin that allows your customers to purchase your website subscription and digital content. Thanks to their advanced membership, you can build membership levels, accept payments, and monitor access at levels. There are several benefits of this plugin.

Setting The Subscription Website

The first things you have to do are install and activate this simple plugin. You have to take the steps below.

  • Install your computer’s membership plugin.
  • Login to your area of administration.
  • Go to Install New Plugins
  • Browse and enter the Install button and turn on the downloaded plugin.
  • Visit and explore the Options when activated.
  • Add A Payment Method

You must first add a form of payment to this setting. It will enable you to accept payments on your subscriptions page. Go to the Payment tab and select the path for your payment.

It supports various methods of payment such as PayPal, Stripe, Electronic payment systems, etc. Click on the “Update” options after selecting the form to save the preferences.

pricing list

Create Membership Levels

It would help if you now established levels of membership. There may be different pricing options and benefits for each membership level. It is straightforward to set the membership standard. Go to the membership page and click on the “New Add” button on the page’s top.
Your membership plan title is required on the next tab, and the publisher will record the plan information. In the membership terms, you will also set the prices.

Restrict Access For Membership Plans

You wish to limit content access to few members according to their plans on your membership website. To make the rules, go to the Rules page and click on the “Add New” button to open the rules.

You can pick and add various requirements to your membership plan using the Edit Rules tab. For example, you can select all content that fits a specific category. You can build more complex rules with the rules feature.

Creating The Pricing Page

Your users can access this page when signing up for a membership plan. Also, users who want to access your website’s paid content can use this page.

  • Go to Groups and click the “add new” button to customize this page.
  • Create a group plan page with the title Next.
  • This title fits for the Plan page as well.
  • Go to the Meta box ‘Group choices.’ In this case, you must add memberships that will appear on the list.