How to Charge Membership Dues: Advice for New Member Organizations

How to Charge Membership Dues: Advice for New Member Organizations

Knowing about how to charge membership dues for new members is crucial for most organizations. This is because the organization might need every penny to get and ensure that they get serious individuals only. A membership fee is a way for the potential members to show the organization that they are serious about joining them. Stay in touch with your membership when you use our membership management software

Membership Dues are Usually a One-Time Fee

The membership dues for new members are usually a one-time fee. The potential member will pay the fee so that they can be allowed to join the organization. It is practical for the membership management to charge the member for dues to prove that they are all in and will be a useful addition to the group.

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Dues are More than Just Passive Income

Apart from acting as a passive income for the organization, the membership dues also help the group register and any other legal issues. There are a few ways of charging membership dues:

  • Ask the member to pay the charge using a check, credit card, or electronic money transfer
  • Ensure that you invoice the payments and issue the member with a receipt to prove that they have paid their dues
  • The fee can be charged through the internet or when the member visits the organization’s office
  • Create time to fill in the information the member provides and explain to them more about the organization
  • You can also sell magazines and subscriptions as part of the membership dues. You can also include selling any other merchandise that the organization might have as part of the fee
  • It is also possible to add a fee for training the members on different issues concerning the organization. This way, the new member will pay for a class rather than paying money and not feeling like they get anything in return

Show the Importance of Paying Membership Dues

Any membership based organization needs to show the new members the importance of paying the membership management fee. This way, they will be comfortable paying the fee. Be open to them and tell them how the money that goes into the organization is used to trust you.

Make it open for the members to view the organization’s financial reports and status. This will make it easy for the new member to sign up because they will trust the management. 

Some of the other dues a member might need to pay a recurring membership fee.

Be Open and Honest About Membership Fees

It would help if you were open about the fee you charge the members per year or month. This will help the new member know what they are getting into and if they will be able to sustain the membership. However, you should not make money the major priority because it might make members leave once they reach their goals.

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When Members Feel They are Making a Change. Receiving Dues is Secondary

It would be best if you built a community to feel like they are part of something useful. If your member feels like they are making a change, they will not feel the urge to leave after a short while in the organization. One of any organization’s goals is to build a community that people will want to be a part of for a long time.