How to Find the Right Club Management Software for Your Group

How to Find the Right Club Management Software for Your Group

When you start looking at club management software platforms, you quickly realize that some packages manage membership and not much more. Sure, they’ll let you sign up members, collect dues, and work with member data, but when it comes to handling any aspects of your club’s actual agenda, these packages don’t offer you much. Here’s what to look for while you’re evaluating club management software.

What club management software offers you

Clubs, groups, and associations need ways to publicize what they do, get the word out about their events, attract new members, and raise their visibility among the general public. If that sounds like a collection of tasks best accomplished through setting up a website, that’s because it is. Today’s clubs rely on websites for all these features and more. But the fundamental challenge for all associations is how to find and make the best use of the right club management software platform to suit the individual needs of each unique group.

Membership features

Of course, you need features designed to help you onboard members and assimilate them into your club. After all, no one wants to deal with manual member recruitment, retention, and communication. That’s so 1980s, and even if you’re a fan of the culture of that era, you don’t want to go back to the communication norms that prevailed at that time.

Instead, you want features designed to make it as easy as possible for prospective members to sign up, provide you with information about themselves, and enable you to evaluate whether to include them in your group or decline their membership requests. Of course, if your group accepts all prospects who apply, you simply need an easy-to-use method through which they can sign up.

Regardless of how selective your membership protocols are, you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all sign-up form to capture the specific information you need about each applicant. How could a prefabricated form anticipate exactly what you want and need to know? Obviously, you expect to design your membership sign-up form to meet your specific requirements.

And that’s where many club management software providers fail. Oh, sure, they offer you a membership sign-up form, but unless you’re willing to settle for all and only the questions they allow you to ask, you’ll need to follow up with each prospect separately and individually to ensure that everyone meets your criteria before you allow them to join.

Before you know it, you really start to feel as if you’re back in the 1980s.

Unless you choose Membershine as your club management software platform.

We base our feature set—and, in fact, every aspect of the way we build, test, offer, and update our software—on an in-depth knowledge of what clubs and other membership-based organizations need from their websites. Across years of experience, we’ve learned what works, why it works, and how to maximize its effectiveness. That’s why when you set up your club on the Membershine platform, you quickly discover that you no longer need third-party functionality to achieve everything you need from your website.

Those membership features include private chats, so members can communicate in a protected environment. They include a newsfeed you can use to provide information about your group’s latest developments, and to enable members to comment on them. We offer you built-in messaging that you can use to text or e-mail your members directly through your website. Through Membershine, you can build and customize a member directory and make it either private or accessible to the public through your website. At all times, you have the power and the flexibility to update member information whenever these details change, and give your members control over how much of that information they share with others.

Beyond membership communication

Club management software must accomplish a wide range of objectives for a diverse potential customer base of associations and groups. Some groups conduct a wide range of events, including gatherings for members only as well as events that are open to the general public. Some clubs create amenities that their members can use, including physical features such as meeting rooms as well as virtual features such as chat spaces. And every group wants an easy-to-design, easy-to-update website with an unlimited number of pages.

If that sounds like you’re asking too much, you’ve been looking at the wrong club management software providers. At Membershine, we help you handle all these needs and many more.

Create reservation pages for group amenities. Set up online registration forms for events. Collect routine dues and fees, as well as occasional payments for event tickets and other club functions, directly through your website with fully secure payment capabilities.

Build an unlimited number of website pages with professionally designed templates that enable you to speed through the design process without skimping on customization, content, and group identity. Set up an online repository that provides digital copies of all of your club’s essential documents, so members can download them at any time without the need to contact an administrator or arrange to receive material via e-mail attachment. Create photo galleries to share the happenings at a gala, golf outing, community function, or any other event your club holds—as well as to share member images that help build camaraderie.

And at Membershine—unlike with other Club management software providers—we don’t parcel out our feature set in pricing tiers that require you to pay more for additional functionality. Instead, we base our pricing simply on the number of members in your group, so your website grows as your association does, with constant, continuous access to every feature we offer.

Better still, you can experience the full advantages of Membershine club management software for yourself—without spending a dime or even providing credit card information. That’s because we offer a 30-day free trial that includes full access to our entire feature set, so you can set up your site, try out our software, and see how the Membershine difference can benefit your group. We’re confident that you’ll see just how valuable and useful our platform can be to help your club grow and thrive.

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own membership website in a few easy steps

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