6 Easy Steps to Start a Club at School

6 Easy Steps to Start a Club at School

Have you ever had the idea to start a club at school? Extracurricular activities are essential to any school because they bring the students together and give them a sense of community.  Starting a club or organization at school can help to nurture different talents and contribute to the overall growth of the students involved.  Learning how to run a successful student organization in school requires effort, time, and dedication because it involves many steps. The following is how you can start a club at school.

Kick Off Your Career When You Start a Club at School

One of the benefits of starting a membership club at school is that it shows leadership abilities, initiative, and ambition, which are all traits that colleges and prospective employers both look for and appreciate in candidates. An added plus is if the club has a mission that accomplishes a social good! Another great reason among many to start a club at school.

How to Start a Club at School

Have an Idea

Before you can decide to start a club at school, you must know what kind of student-run club you might need to start. Brainstorm ideas with a few fellow students to know which type of club is the best to start. Write down any pros and cons of different clubs to make it easy for you when you want to choose. You can conduct a study and ask about students’ interests to know which club will fit well with the students.

Get a Club Adviser

Whatever student-run club you may want to start, it is always essential to have an adviser from the faculty. They will help you with a few decisions and advice on how to manage and run the club. The adviser will also be useful when you need approval for certain events because they can help you convince the school of the valid reasons of you should start a club at school.

Register the Club

Once you identify which club you want to start, you need to register with the school. Ensure that you have all the goals and purpose of the club clear before you can register. Provide any requirements the school needs so that you can do the registration fast. Make it a point when you start a club at school that you create a mission and vision for the club so that you can share it with the school when you register the new organization.

Spread the Word

Now that your club is registered and approved by the school administration, you can start recruiting members. Spread the word about the club so that you can attract new members to your club. You can use posters, word of mouth, or social media to get your word across. Sign up the latest members to your club until you feel like you have enough members to hold your first meeting. Find like-minded people for your club so that you can have a successful student-run club.

Call a Meeting

When you start a club at school, your goal should be to bring together all the new members so that you can discuss the goals of the group. In this meeting, you also need to share the group’s rules and regulations and assign duties. Hold elections so that you can have an office in place to help with the club’s running. Keep the meetings regularly and on time so that you can get more done in the forum.

Make Sure that Your Club Plans Events

In the first meeting, where you are determining how to start a school club,  you can start planning any event that you feel will benefit the members. Make a budget and establish a way to get the funding for any event you want to hold. Make sure that you involve the members as much as you can. Continue holding regular meetings and keep the club activities always going to engage and attain the group’s goals. You can keep club members in touch with events if you build a club website, which we certainly have membership website templates to help with the extra step of kicking your club into full gear!


Q: What should you say in the first meeting of your school club?

A:  You should first start your meeting by introducing yourself and having each of the prospective club members do the same. Map out the objectives for the club and at the same time, create club bylaws and rules. Take the time to choose the club leaders. Now is the time to vote on the vice-president, treasurer, and secretary, or have the members vote.

Q: What is the duty of the student club commissioner?

A: The job of the club commissioner is to help start the club as well as organizing the club meetings.

Q: How do you gain new members to the club you start a school?

A: Ask your friends if they would like to join the afterschool club, and once you get a few members, you can form your club.

Q: How many people are normally in an afterschool club in high school or in a college club?

A: To start, most clubs are small, usually with no more than 8-10 members.

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