How to Write a Sample Volunteer Letter for School

How to Write a Sample Volunteer Letter for School

Even if you are a volunteer, you must be professional. You need to start by writing an excellent volunteer letter to be sure to get the position. As a volunteer, you need to assure the school that you have the skills that the school will require.

Be Short and Precise

When you are writing a volunteer letter, you need to keep in mind that the reader might not have a lot of time for minor details. You should get to the point fast because most people are looking for significant issues and experiences. Do not ramble on many paragraphs about things that are not relevant to the school’s position.


You need to use professional language when you write your letter. The reader needs to have confidence in you even before they meet you, so make sure that you are clear and confident. Avoid using statements like ‘I believe’ and any other that may make your letter look weaker. Ensure that your letter is engaging to read it top the end and not get bored in the middle. If you are not confident in your letter, the school might have doubts about your work.

Include Your Skills

Concentrate on your skills and what you will bring to the school to consider you for the position. You need to assure the school that you will be a valuable addition to any of their departments in a few short words. Talk about any of your accomplishments and awards you have received, if there are any. This is so that the school will know you.

If you have any experience working with kids of the same age as the school, you need to include them in the letter. You will have a better advantage if you have the school’s experience and you can better deal with the kids. It can be sports-related or any other skill you may think the school may need.

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Talk About Educational Background

Talk briefly about your education, and if you are still in school, you need to include that in the letter. Make it known to the school that you will be a great addition to their team because of the relevant education. Do not hesitate to talk about any other interest you may have so that the school can use this to determine if you will fit in well with their staff or kids.

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Have Great References

The school will need to do a background check before they can hire you as a volunteer. You need to ensure that you include any references you may have so that the school can contact them. You can use people you have worked for before and any other that will talk about your character. Schools are very particular about who they let in because the kids’ safety is at stake. Therefore, you must prove that your school’s presence will do more good to the kids than harm.