How to Write a Volunteer Appreciation Speech

How to Write a Volunteer Appreciation Speech

Volunteers need to feel appreciated for the work they do to support any organization. The volunteers take their time because they believe in the cause that the organization is supporting. Therefore, you must thank them for their time, effort, and sacrifice. Any organization needs volunteers so that they can further their agenda and help to reach their goals annually. The following are a few guidelines for writing the best volunteer appreciation speech. Keep track of your volunteer activities with our volunteer management software.


Welcome the Volunteers

When you stand to make your appreciation speech, you should first introduce yourself and your organization’s position. Start by welcoming the volunteers and everyone else at the event before you can talk about anything else. Make sure that you acknowledge the presence of everyone, especially the volunteers and the management. You can also casually mention any important persons present at the event.

Talk About the Organization

You may need to mention a few things about the organization so that people will know how they are impacting society. Talk briefly about your mission, and at this point, add the reason you need volunteers for your work. Mention your plans and any other program that is going on and the changes you want in the community.

Talk About the Volunteer Program

It would help if you talked about the work you have done with the volunteers’ help and how it impacted society. Ensure that you talk about the volunteers’ importance and why their support was essential to the project. You should also say why the organization needs the volunteers and assure them that all the success you had with the project is because of their hard work and sacrifice. In a nutshell, you need to make the volunteers feel like they are a part of something significant.

Talk About Accomplishments

Mention the successes you had during the time that you were working with the volunteers. You can talk about how you impacted the community and be specific about what your organization could accomplish with the volunteers. This will make them feel like they made a difference with the work they did. You can share a story or two about how you worked together but do not make them too long because you do not want to be a bore.

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Recognize Some Volunteers

In any situation, there are always one or two people who do exemplary work. It would be best if you recognized the work of that volunteer who stood out among the others. Make them feel appreciated and thank them for their work. This will encourage others if they want to work with the organization again. Talk about their work and how they stand out so that it will not sound like favoritism. Thank you letters of appreciation to volunteers is always a good thing.

When Writing Your Volunteer Appreciation Speech. Remember This

Summarize the major points of your speech and ensure that you thank the volunteers once again for a job well done. You should make sure that each volunteer leaves the room feeling appreciated and valued. Invite them to apply for the program the next time you need them and ensure that you keep in contact with them even after the program is over.