Membership Communication software tools


Instant communication between association members, management, and groups as a whole. Whether it is sending out emergency alerts, informing the group of upcoming activities, or simply sending a friendly reminder, Membershine provides the tools to fit your need.


While always great for communication, email is now a powerful tool for your organization. Announcements, updates, confirmations, and more can all be delivered directly to members. Whether the entire user base, members requesting information, or various sub groups, email blasts can be sent in a timely and professional manner.

Emails can be sent directly from personal accounts or email accounts dedicated to your organization, such as Email templates can also be created and saved, making it simple to welcome new members or send reminders of upcoming events.

Newsfeeds & Message Boards

Provide a great space for collaboration. Whether it is discussing upcoming plans and events, providing feedback to recent undertakings, or sharing documentation and resources, members are easily able to share and discuss. Members can subscribe or favorite only what they are interested in to receive reminders, while administrators can pin important notifications and messages.

When organizations provide one place and tool that meets all their member’s needs, users no longer need to try and find the latest info across various platforms. Make your member club website the one place members want to go!

Instant Messaging

Keep the member base close with instant messaging. Ongoing chats allow for more personal messaging, provides members with an unobtrusive way to reach out to other members, and can even be set up between members and specific admin groups. By providing both structured and easygoing means of communicating, there’s a way for you to communicate with every member!

Text Messaging

When all else fails, send instant alerts to the entire community. From natural disasters to safety warnings, reach your members wherever they are.

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