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We provide the essential features to run your membership website. As a bonus, we also include online tools other providers just don’t offer, including Online Voting, a Committee Planner, Custom Form Creation, Photo Galleries, a Newsfeed, Member/Administrator Dashboards, Sponsors, Group Tags, and more.

  • Event Registration
  • Amenity Reservations
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  • Voting & Polls
  • Website Builder
  • Email & Text Alerts
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Our Plans
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  • Pricing plans are billed annually
  • Purchase blocks of 1,000 text messages for $25.00
  • Inquire with us here for custom plan pricing with 5000+ members
Site Administrators

An active organization needs active volunteers. Designate one or multiple administrators to create and upload website content.

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Custom Domain

Choose your own custom domain name. Register the domain yourself, or let us take care of it for a $30 annual fee.

Website Builder

Setup fees? Never. Start creating your custom-built design today. Our proprietary site tools provide the highest level of customization in our industry, and our premium-quality designs offer unmistakable quality.

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Unlimited Web Pages

Some providers limit your site pages, but with our proprietary website builder, you can add as many pages as you want. To highlight what's important to your organization, use our custom-built templates or create your own with our dozens of widgets.

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Responsive Designs

Our designs are first class regardless of whether you view them on your phone, tablet, or computer. They scale/auto-adjust based on the viewing device for instant flexibility, so you can add your own logos, photos, and other elements for aesthetically pleasing perfection.

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Customer Support

Email us when you need us, day or night. We're always ready with answers. Each site administrator can send questions, report bugs, or make suggestions.

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Help Center

Access how-to steps for all administrative features through text instructions, screenshot examples, and/or video tutorials. In addition, we provide helpful tips next to every entry field.

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SSL Certificate

Every website we provide is secured. Encryption ensures that data transferred between users and sites remains impossible for hackers to access.

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Document Repository

Create unlimited folders and infinitely nested subfolders to store your organization's crucial documents, such as covenants, meeting minutes, and bylaws. Administrators can secure documents for specific access levels and mass download folders directly to their devices.

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Password Protection

Secure pages, documents, forms, amenities, events and much more for members or groups within your organization. These items become accessible only to logged-in members who meet the criteria you specify.

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Member Directory

Store all your member data in one database. Add a secure directory page so qualified users can see all members and view a pinned map of each individual's address. Enable individual members to opt in or out of the directory.

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Online Payments

Collect organization payments online. Members can pay dues and fees with one click. Additionally, depending on your plan level, members can pay online for event registrations and amenity reservations.

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Notify your members about upcoming events and keep your membership engaged in your organization. Your calendar keeps everyone informed about board meetings, picnics, onsite scheduled maintenance, etc.

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Contact Form

Solicit information from current and prospective members through custom contact forms. Administrators determine how many people will receive the data collected through responses to these forms.

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Help current or prospective members find answers to frequently-asked questions about your organization. For optimal interaction, the FAQ page uses a seamless accordion-style format.

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User Dashboards

Separate dashboards for members and administrators give individuals information about their membership and enable them to access site features with a single click. Users can organize or hide individual dashboard cards.

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Email Blasts

Send email alerts to one member, a specified group or your entire organization at any time. This unlimited feature gives you the flexibility to customize the format of your message, as well as attach a document (such as a newsletter) or image.

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Your organization's Newsfeed allows members or administrators to create topics for discussion, attach images and videos, and like, comment on and pin posts. We built this feature to match today's social media experience, emojis and all.

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Private Chat

Members, groups, your board, committees, and administrators can conduct private conversations through our chat feature, which works like text messaging on your phone, so you can attach documents, images and videos directly from your device. Find and select those members you want to include in the conversation.

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Photo Gallery

Highlight photos of your organization, members, amenities, or recent events in an aesthetically pleasing format. Create specific folder categories, designate a featured image for each folder, and load and name the photos within each folder.

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Custom Forms

Create unlimited custom forms to collect data within your organization, from opinions to problem reports, with our dynamic custom form tool. Attach these forms as requirements to reserve amenities, attend events and more. Administrators select one or more email accounts to receive the submitted data, and export result totals in CSV format for use in a spreadsheet program.

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Groups & Tags

Create and apply tags to establish groups within your organization. Administrators can create unlimited tags. Numerous features throughout the platform enable you to target specific groups, and give administrators the ability to email, restrict access to web pages, documents, events, and much more based on these tags. This feature also provides custom access levels.

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Collect payments to allow businesses to sponsor your website. Sponsors can submit a logo and website URL, and receive statistics specific to the number of views/clicks on their ads. Administrators can choose where to list each ad on the website for optimal viewing, and offer opportunities for premium placements.

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Multi-Site Manager

Ideal for clubs/groups with multiple chapters, this feature enables you to manage organizations or sub associations from a single screen. No need to remember domains for each organization or store separate usernames and passwords. All websites offer one-click visibility, so you can choose which organization needs attention in real time.

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Committee Planner

This tool allows administrators to create unlimited committees, assign leaders, and establish unlimited positions. Create committees that members can join automatically, that require applications, or that open by invitation only. When committees require applications, administrators or committee leaders can attach custom forms to acquire input from prospects.

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Board Area

Through the committee planner, an organization's board can designate areas to manage directors/members, and provide special access to such areas of the site. These restricted areas can include board-related documents, images, private chat, web pages, and exclusive polls and voting.

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Event Registration

Create events with full descriptions and preview images, and allow members to register online. Restrict events to specific members or groups. Create ticket types and unique packages for purchase, including early-bird fees. Establish activities within a single day or across multiple days, and collect registration payments for these as well. Attach custom forms to ticket packages and activities for data collection. Collect payments from event sponsors. This comprehensive feature can handle complex events.

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Amenity Reservations

Enable members to reserve organization amenities, and choose the date, time, number of guests, and more for each reservation. This feature is broken into calendars so members can select times that fit their schedules. Members also can pay reservation fees online. Administrators can attach custom forms to collect data about members and their guests. This robust feature is similar to Events Registration.

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Online Voting

Enable members to vote for their board of directors or other officers, or on changes in bylaws, covenants, and other aspects of organization setup. To obtain targeted information, administrators can restrict individual polls to specific members or groups. Administrators select one or more email accounts to receive the submitted data, and export result totals in CSV format for use in a spreadsheet program.

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Surveys & Polls

Similar to Online Voting, this feature enables members to take quick surveys and polls so you can gain immediate access to valuable organizational feedback. Allow the public to submit these forms or restrict them to members/specific groups. Administrators select one or more email accounts to receive the submitted data, and export result totals in CSV format for use in a spreadsheet program.

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Text Alerts

Send text alerts to one member, a specified group, or all members of your organization, day or night. This feature captures the attention of members who don't often check email. Find a lost pet, warn about incoming severe weather, and much more, to gain members' attention quickly.

*Purchase text messages in bundles of 1,000 for a fee of $20.00.

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Ticketing System

Allow members to submit info for approval and have a unique ticket number assigned to the case. Interactions between admin, approval committee and members all through the website. Approve, reject or ask members for more information through the ticket system. Members and admin can view these details direct on their dashboard. Emails are used to signal notification updates and communication between parties is one click away.

Sub-Admin Roles

Give admins the ability to create unique sub-admin roles by limiting access for members within the Admin Panel.

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