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We have the key features to run your membership website. As a bonus, we also took the time to develop online tools other providers just don’t offer, like: Online Voting, Committee Planner, Custom Form Creation, Photo Galleries, Newsfeed, Member/Admin Dashboards, Sponsors, Group Tags and more.

  • Event Registration
  • Amenity Reservations
  • Pay Due & Fees
  • Voting & Polls
  • Website Builder
  • Email & Text Alerts
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Sick of paying numerous software providers to send emails/texts, create surveys, handle event management, etc? Why bother with all those accounts when we’ve built your all-in-one tool? Let us show you how it’s done with a 30 day free trial… no credit card needed!

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  • Pricing plans are billed annually
  • Text messages can be purchased in blocks of 1000 texts for $20.00
  • Inquire with us here for custom plan pricing with 5000+ members
Site Administrators

An active organization needs active volunteers. Choose to have one or multiple administrators to assist in creating and uploading content for your website.

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Custom Domain

Your organization has the ability to use or choose your own custom domain name.  You can register the domain or we can handle that task for a $30 annual fee.

Website Builder

With a tool like this who needs setup fees? We don't charge extra to setup your website, because you can start creating your custom built design today. We're the best in our industry to offer this kind of customization. Our proprietary builder tool is second to none. The premium quality of the look and feel of our designs are unmistakable. Come see why we're excited to show you.

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Unlimited Web Pages

Create web pages to your heart's content. While some companies limit your site pages, with our proprietary website builder there is no limit to the amount you can have. Use our custom built templates or create your own with our dozens of element widgets to highlight what's important to your organization.

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Responsive Designs

Be comforted in knowing that our designs are first class regardless if viewed on phone, tablet or pc. They scale/auto-adjust based on the viewing device, offering instant customizable flexibility. So you can add your own logos, photos and elements for aesthetically pleasing perfection.

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Customer Support

Email us when it's convenient, day or night. We'll be there, ready to answer your inquiries. Each admin has access to ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions.

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Help Center

We know everyone learns differently. Get immediate how-to steps through text instruction, screenshot examples and/or video tutorials, on all administrative features. In addition to that, we have real-time Helpful Tips next to every entry field.

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SSL Certificate

Take comfort in the fact that every website we provide is secure at an SSL level. Encryption is key to making sure that any data transferred between users and sites, or between two systems remain impossible to read.

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Document Repository

With the ability to create unlimited folders and infinite nesting of subfolders, your organization can store crucial documents such as: covenants, meeting minutes, bylaws, etc. The admin also has the option to secure documents for specific access levels and mass download folders direct to their device.

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Password Protection

Choose to secure pages, documents, forms, amenities, events and much more for members or groups within your organization. Securing such items as those listed requires that a member must have access to view.

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Member Directory

All your members stored in one database. Choose to have a secure directory page where users with access can see all members of the organization, with a pinned map of each address. It should be noted that members have the option to choose to be listed or not in the directory.

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Online Payments

Collect payments online on behalf of your organization. Members can easily pay their dues and fees with one click. Additionally, if your plan allows for it, members can also pay for event registration and to reserve amenities.

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Let members of your organization know what events are coming up and when. The calendar keeps everyone informed about board meetings, picnics, onsite scheduled maintenance, etc. Keeping members in the know is ideal for engagement.

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Contact Form

Allow members of the organization and potential new members to submit a contact form to inquire within. The admin chooses if the form will be sent to one or multiple email addresses for collection of the data.

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Help members or potential new members find answers to pertinent questions about your organization. Frequently asked questions is formatted in an accordion style, seamless format that allows for optimal interaction.

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User Dashboards

Each organization has a separate dashboard for the member and admin. This is the central hub where users will work to quickly find pertinent information about the organization (as well as one-click manage). The dashboard cards can be ordered or hidden by preference of the user.

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Email Blasts

Choose to send unlimited email alerts to one member, a specified group or all members of your organization, day or night. This feature gives you the flexibility to customize the format of your message, as well as attach a document (such as a newsletter) or image.

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The way of the nested message board has come and gone. Newsfeed allows the members or admin to immediately create topics for discussion. Users can attach images, videos, as well as like, comment and pin posts that matter. This feature was built with today's social media experience in mind, emojis and all.

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Private Chat

Members, Groups, the Board, Committees and Admin can have their own private conversation through the chat feature. This feature allows the creator to find and select who is included in the conversation. It works like text messaging on your phone, so you can attach documents, images and videos direct from your device.

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Photo Gallery

Highlight photos of your organization, members, amenities or recent events in an aesthetically pleasing format. You have the ability to create specific folder categories, designate a feature image for each folder, as well as load and name the photos within each folder accordingly.

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Custom Forms

Create unlimited custom forms to allow the collection of data for specific topics within the organization. Whether you want to collect info on violations, arc requests or inquire about opinions, the custom form builder is the dynamic tool you need. Attach these forms for requirements to reserve amenities, attend events and more. Select one or more email accounts to receive the submitted data, as well as export total results of the submissions into a .csv (excel document).

Groups & Tags

Create and apply specific tags that can be used to form groups within your organization. The admin has the ability to create unlimited tags. Numerous features throughout the platform allow you to target specific groups, giving the admin the ability to email, restrict access to web pages, documents, events and much more. This feature could also be referred to as having custom access levels.

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Your organization can collect payment to allow for businesses to sponsor the website. Sponsors can submit a logo, landing url and be provided stats specific to the number of views/clicks the ad has acquired. The admin can choose where to list the ad on the website for optimal viewing and opportunity for premium placement.

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Multi-Site Manager

Multi-Site Manager is ideal for property managers, master associations and clubs/groups with multiple chapters. Created specifically for the ability to manage your organizations or sub associations all from one screen. Take excel login management out of the equation, as there is no longer the need to remember the domains for each organization or store a separate username and password. All websites are one-click visibility, so you can choose which organization needs attention in real-time.

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Committee Planner

The committee planner tool allows the admin to create unlimited committees. The admin has the ability to assign a leader by default, as well as create unlimited positions. The assigned leader also has the ability to manage the committee. The committee can be created for members to join automatically, apply to join or setup for invitation only. By creating a committee that takes applications, this means the admin or committee leader can attach custom built forms for data collection.

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Board Area

Through the committee planner, the board can also elect to have a designated area to manage the directors/members and give special access to areas on the site. These restricted areas include access to board related documents, images, private chat, web pages, as well as access to exclusive polls and voting.

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Event Registration

Create events with full description and images to allow members to register. Restrict events to members or specific groups. Create ticket types and unique packages for purchase. Create daily or multi-day activities for registration and collect payment for these as well. Attach custom forms for data collection to ticket packages and activities. Allow businesses to sponsor your event and collect payment from them. This is a comprehensive feature, capable of much more, like early bird entry fees.

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Amenity Reservations

Create the ability for members to reserve organization amenities. Members can choose date, time, number of guests and more for each amenity. The feature is broken into calendars so members can select times that fit their schedule. Members can also pay to reserve amenities. The admin has the option to attach custom forms for data collection about members and their guests. Similar in setup like Events Registration, a robust feature that allows for much more than can be listed here.

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Online Voting

Give members the ability to vote for the board of directors in upcoming elections. Get the votes needed to change the bylaws, covenants, ccr's or whatever you need. The admin has full control to restrict voting to members or specific groups to gain targeted information. Choose where submissions are emailed, export the data and view aggregated results in your portal.

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Surveys & Polls

Similar to Online Voting. give members the ability to take quick surveys and polls. Allow the public to submit these forms or restrict to members/specific groups for data that allows your organization to make key decisions. Get instant valuable organizational feedback. The admin controls where submissions are emailed. This data can also be exported and is viewable in aggregate form.

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Text Alerts

Choose to send text alerts to one member, a specified group or all members of your organization, day or night. This feature is great for getting the attention of your members who don't often check email.  Find a lost pet, warn about incoming severe weather and much to raise attention to your members almost instantly.

*Text messages can be purchased for a fee of $20.00, per every 1000 text bundles.

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