How to Choose a Project Management Software for Nonprofits?

How to Choose a Project Management Software for Nonprofits?

Most nonprofits run several projects concurrently, and they do so with a small budget. Nonprofits need to keep up with all their projects, volunteers, donors, employees, potential members, members, and many other things. It is not always easy because of the slim budget and shortage of employees to help with most of the work. Nonprofits are often charged with learning to create a donation website.

Project management software comes in handy so that the nonprofit can get most of its work done while also keep up with the running of any administrative duties. It will help improve productivity and make communication easier so that the nonprofit’s affairs can run seamlessly.

Therefore, any nonprofit must acquire membership management software that will suit them and their members. The following are some points to consider when choosing software:

Number of members

A small team is easy to keep track of, but if you have a big organization with several members and volunteers, you need software to handle the large group competently. Members of the public will be able to get the best from your membership website.

You should be able to converse clearly and provide any relevant information to your intended audience. Choose membership software that will make work simple for you, no matter how big or small your nonprofit is.


Encourage remote work

It is unnecessary for your volunteers and other employees to keep coming to your organization’s office if they do not need to. With good project management software, your workers can work well remotely, and you will be able to see the progress of their work.

With most nonprofit working with small budgets, it makes more sense to let your volunteers and most of your employees run their tasks remotely and report back with their results. They can even work from home, which will be convenient and cost-efficient for the organization.

Ease of Use

Choose project management software that is not complicated so that anyone can use it without help. When you have many projects running at once, you need to keep tabs on them and gauge how the projects are doing.

If you have complicated software, you will spend a lot of time on them instead of focusing on other things that might need your attention. Sometimes, the public’s board members would also like to know what the nonprofit is up to, but if the software is not easy to use, this will not be possible, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.



A nonprofit needs to use each donation they get towards the organization’s projects and running. Nonprofits work on a tight budget, and in most cases, there is never enough to do almost all the tasks that need funding.

You, therefore, should consider the most affordable software and, if possible free, so that you can stay within the set budget. You do not need to make it too decorative or fancy; you need to ensure effective management of your projects is the priority.