Types of Membership Club Websites

A membership site is a website where access to specific content is protected and placed behind a member login page. In order for people to view the content on these protected pages, they need to have an active member account on your site. If they do, they can login to the members’ area on your site and view the content you’ve placed behind the login page.


Free or Paid Membership Website

A membership website can have free and paid members. A membership management site can also have different levels of members, all with unique access rights assigned to their membership levels. The power of a membership site is that you can charge people on a recurring (monthly, semi-annual, yearly, etc.) basis for access to this protected content.


What Content to Include on a Membership Club Website

As long as you keep delivering value to your members in the form of content, resources and ongoing investment in your product. Ultimately, the best membership club websites will keep rewarding you in the form of their continued subscription payments.

The Best Type of Membership Club Website Content

The content you can market to your membership in order to ensure continued growth in your membership club website includes the following:



The most common type of content you’ll find inside a membership site would include online courses. Courses can span from small snippets, hovering around 15 minutes, all the way up to and including several hours of programming. What is most important for course-based membership club websites is that the site provides value that helps the members reach either personal or professional goals.


Membership Webinar Calls

There is a great deal of value in the webinar or Q&A call format type of website. The focus of the content on a membership webinar type of membership website inc

Community Forums



Member Perks

Cheat Sheets

Standalone Content


News Sites