What Is the Difference Between Subscription and Membership?

What Is the Difference Between Subscription and Membership?

A decision that is part of every membership website is determining if the site will be a subscription based website or a membership based site. But first what is the difference between subscription and membership? When creating your membership website, it makes sense to first decide whether the website will be a membership or subscription website. At Membership, our membership management software makes running a membership website easy.


A subscription is a contract of revenue. Subscription is a conception of finance. It does not say anything about membership benefits but rarely, does an individual pay without getting benefits? Regularly, financial essence is the central dynamic of subscriptions.

Whether you pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, and how renewals happen, you register for the subscription content. Some subscriptions give the option of paying a certain sum for access to discounts depending on your monthly or annual subscriptions. The higher the package, the higher the price.

Membership Subscription

A membership subscription refers to when you already are a member of a particular membership based site clientele and enjoy some benefits that come with being a member. Still, you access more benefits by making a payment. For instance, as a member of a particular website, you can have access to certain benefits, but you have to subscribe to have full access. Therefore, membership does not involve monetary payment, but money is a critical factor in the subscription. Therefore, a membership subscription is a member’s act of paying certain fees to access specific online content.

An example is if you sign up with a particular website, you can regularly receive newsletters. Still, if you subscribe to the various packages on the website, you may have the option of getting exclusive content or choose what the website sends to you.

Difference Between Subscription and Membership

Subscription vs. Membership

Memberships and subscriptions can look similar at first glance. In return for a particular commodity, subscribers pay a fixed, regular price.

Membership is not merely transactional, on the other hand. They are concerned with preserving the relationship between an editor and his audience. They allow people who enjoy an independent publication to provide the publication with resources, time, knowledge, and ideas.

A subscription is a price option. It is as you pay the value you get. Membership is concerned with how the company thinks and how it meets consumers’ long-term needs.  In addition to the straightforward subscription, you may then benefit from any range of membership benefits.

Membership Has Advantages

There are some advantages to a membership, which you can incorporate in the model frees a company from the packages it sells to be more innovative. Membership opens up several advantages: the feeling of being significant and meaningful is one of these. The other is the status of an insider who is recognized in the organization as significant.”

Members’ benefit is that people will support them, regardless of their knowledge, experience, or expertise. It is crucial that whatever an organization decides its revenue model, it should be transparent.

The Intent of Subscription is Clear

Subscription as a transactional exchange of value is very clear. We think of all aspects that individuals can contribute when it comes to membership. Although money is the most popular way, members may also donate:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Expertise

This means that membership programs will include individuals who may not be able to pay but make a meaningful contribution. At Membershine our membership management software allows organizations to effectively and efficiently manage subscriptions and memberships.